Frequently asked questions


How can I buy beats? How does it work?

You can purchase beats via the instant delivery store on our website. There are 2 versions available:
One regular store version for desktop computers (flash based) -> CLICK HERE.
One store version for mobile devices such as phones and pads (html5 based) -> CLICK HERE.

Both versions include all beats offered for sale and all license types offered, while having different sorting functions. In the regular beat store, simply click the tabs ‘bpm’, ‘name’, ‘genre’ to sort beats, .. In the mobile beat store, click the icon with the 3 stripes in the upper left corner to show the options menu. To buy a beat or multiple beats, look for the beat name you want to purchase and click the +ADD button and click a ‘license’ to select it. For multiple beats, bundle discounts will automatically be applied once you have selected the appropriate number of beats. Click BUY NOW to proceed with checkout. You can either pay with your PayPal account or use any major credit/debit card. After payment, all files will instantly be sent to your PayPal email address within seconds after payment. Please also check your spam folder if you do not find the e-mail with the files/download links in your inbox. Should our regular instant store (for whatever reason) not work, you can always visit our Soundclick store. It’s important to notice that you will not be receiving your files instantly this way, we will instead send you your files manually via email during the next 24 hours.

Do you offer any bundle deals/discounts?

Yes, we offer bundle deals at discounted rates for any type of license:

1 x Mp3 Leasing Rights … $20.00 (Get 1 free)
2 x Mp3 Leasing Rights … $30.00 (Get 2 free)
3 x Mp3 Leasing Rights … $40.00 (Get 3 free)                                                                                     
1 x Wav Leasing Rights … $30.00 (Get 1 free)
2 x Wav Leasing Rights … $50.00 (Get 2 free)
3 x Wav Leasing Rights … $70.00 (Get 3 free)                                                                                     
1 x Premium Leasing Rights … $60.00 (Get 1 free)
2 x Premium Leasing Rights … $100.00 (Get 2 free)
3 x Premium Leasing Rights … $140.00 (Get 3 free)                                                                                           
1 x Exclusive rights ……… $500.00

Contact us for bundle deals on exclusive rights.
To activate discounts/bundle deals in the instant store on our page, you must select the appropriate number of beats! If we are also offering any coupon codes for a particular license type, the percentage/discount using the coupon code also works for bundle-deals and will result in an even cheaper total amount.

What does a purchase include?

Each purchase includes a license agreement/receipt stating your rights to the beat(s), payment details, etc. and the untagged beat as a wav/mp3-file. Standard leasing rights include the stereo-mix of the beat(s) in wav/mp3-format. Higher licenses, such as Premium Leases and Exclusive Rights also include the separate multitracks of the beat(s) in wav-format (also known as tracked outs) for advanced mixing.  You will receive these files as electronic download-links, sent to your email-address (provided by PayPal). We do not send any parcels or physical-data-discs. Please check your spam folder if you do not find our emails in your inbox!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, and bank-transfers. If you have a credit/debit-card or funds on your PayPal-account, you can purchase beats through the PayPal-shopping-cart and instant store on my website and marketplaces. You can also send a payment manually through PayPal to: Alonso.castro.c@gmail.com and include the beat name. Payments that are sent manually will take up to 24 hours after payment for the files to be sent to your email address.

I have bought a license but haven’t received it yet?

If you have used the instant delivery store on our page, you will have received your orders instantly within seconds after payment to your PayPal email address. In case you don’t find the email with the download links in your inbox, please check your spam folder! If you have sent a payment manually via PayPal or via bank-transfer, please allow up to 24 business hours to receive your purchase after payment as we have to send it manually. If we have not replied within the time frame of 24 business hours, please send us an e-mail concerning your purchase and issues to: Alonso.castro.c@gmail.com.

Can I change beats after purchase or get my money back if I don’t like or use purchased beats?

There is a strict NO REFUNDS policy on digitally delivered products, see terms and conditions. All items marked for sale on this website and marketplaces we offer our products, are for digital download only. We do not deliver any physical goods to you for purchases. As a result, all sales on digital downloadable goods are final and we cannot offer a refund for something we cannot take back. In rare cases of duplicate purchases, or other rare circumstances, we will match what you paid with an item of equal or similar value. By making a purchase you have agreed to these terms and conditions. It is therefore also not possible to change beats afterwards if your license document has already been issued. All beats can be heard and downloaded as tagged versions before purchase. The beats are also audible in the store. You need to take care and make sure that you order the right beats!

What is the difference between a non-exclusive license and an exclusive license?

While leasing rights (also known as non-exclusive rights) have restrictions in number of allowed sales units, earnings, etc., and can be sold to multiple persons at the same time, exclusive rights is the only license type, allowing unlimited use on any medium without sales limit! After an exclusive rights license has been sold, the according beat will become unavailable for any type of licensing, except for license upgrade, see next point.

I own a non-exclusive license. Can I upgrade my license to a higher license?

Yes, if you own a non-exclusive license, you can upgrade your license to any higher license type if exclusive rights are still available and have not been sold yet. If exclusive rights have already been sold to the beat(s), and are no longer available, you can still upgrade your non-exclusive license to a higher non-exclusive license at any time! Please contact us via email, as for license upgrades, we will credit the amount you have already paid, and deduct it from the price for the desired license.

Can I still use beats I have leased after exclusive rights have been sold?

YES! As long as you stay within the concerned license terms, you are allowed to use your license even if exclusive rights are no longer available and have been sold to the beat(s). Selling exclusive rights does not affect any previously sold licenses.

I have bought exclusive rights. May the beat be leased again or has it been leased before?

Once a beat is sold exclusively, we are no longer allowed to sell a license to that beat, except non-exclusive license-upgrades to active non-exclusive license-owners (see terms & conditions). On the other hand it may be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it has been sold exclusively.

Do I have to pay you any royalties or additional fees when I release my song(s)?

No, all our licenses are royalty-free, means you keep 100% of all profits/earnings made.

Can I re-sell the beat(s) after purchasing a license?

NO! You are NOT allowed to re-sell the beat(s) or transfer your license-rights to the beat(s) to a third person. See terms & conditions for details

I have purchased a beat. Can I alter it, change length, cut it, etc.?

As long as you have purchased a license to a beat, you are allowed to do changes to the beat-length, mixing, sounds, etc. by keeping up with the terms & conditions. This excludes tagged beats you have downloaded!

Can a sold beat be removed from the page?

On demand, we can take the sold beat(s) off our sites if the customer has purchased exclusive rights. Leased beats stay on the page since a lease is a non-exclusive license.

How do I give proper credit?

Proper credit is given as follows in written form: ‘Beat by Last Phase’; ‘Beat produced by Last Phase’; ‘Beat by Lastphasebeats.com’. Downloadable files need to include ‘(Beat by Last Phase)’ within the filename. All displayed and uploaded content needs to include written credit in either the title or description. Hard copies such as CDs, LPs, etc. need to include written credit in booklets, covers or labels.

I don’t have any money to buy beats, can I get a beat for free and pay you when I make money?

No, that is NOT possible. As we already offer tagged versions for free download and even allow limited use of these beats, we think that’s fair enough. Not every producer allows that! If you want to sell your music over our beats, we require that you pay for a license. Simple and fair! Especially when all or licenses come royalty-free and allow you to earn 100-10000 times the amount you spend for a beat-license. If you want to make it in the music industry, invest in your music!

What am I allowed to do with free tagged downloads?

All beats that are up on the page as free tagged downloads are ONLY free for non-commercial / non-profitable use on demo-tracks. Free download does not mean “free beat”. The purpose is to offer people a pre-listening to decide if the song over our beat(s) is worth to invest in a license! You may upload your songs on YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. by giving written credit to “Last Phase” as the producer. Written credit must be given to “Last Phase” (e.g. ‘beat by Lastphasebeats.com’) in any case. See terms & conditions for detailed restrictions.

I still have questions.

If you need further information, just contact: Alonso.castro.c@gmail.com or use the contact formulary on our website: CLICK HERE (Serious inquiries only)